How do I earn Rs 200 per day online?

200 Rs per day, too low. You can even make more than 200 Rs.
Even a high school student earns a lot of money.
Making money online is a very easy as well as very hard. This is easy for those who know “How the Internet works”, but very hard for those, “Who only surf the web for facebook and twitter”.
Due to lack of knowledge, thousands of peoples gets scammed easily.
How People gets scammed?
If you search on Google for “I want to make money online from home”. You will find thouands of blog posts and advertisements which will try to sell you their hand-written ebook for $$$ of dollars.
Coming to your problem and its solution
However, there are some genuine and legit way by which you can, not easily, but make money online from home.
Be remember that, “Patience is the key of success”.
Here, I am going to tell you several ways to make money online. But all of them requires patience and time.
A. Blogging: It is one of the most popular way to make money online. Most of bloggers make thousands or even millions of dollar per day by writing article on their blog.
As I said earlier, You have to keep Patience.
I am a blogger since 2014, In my first year of blogging, I did not earn even one rupees. But after one year, My per month blog earning was 8000 to 15000 Rs per month.
You need to learn these thing to start a successful blogging career. SEO (Keyword research, one-page seo, off-page seo and content writing).
Content is king. The more powerful and useful content you write the more money you will make.
B. Freelancing: It is the job of 21th centuary. Freelancers are making 100$ (6000Rs) per day by doing freelancing from home.
Who can be a freelancer?
Anyone can become a freelancer. Freelancing is not related to a particular field. In freelancing, You need to provide your service. And service can be anything.
  • Like you can become a virtual assistant if you have a good knowledge of computer.
  • You can provide web development service.
  • You can provide graphic designing service.
  • You can provide blogging and seo services.
  • You can teach, “How to cook a particular dish”
  • And anything that you know. Thats why I am telling you,”Anyone can be a freelancer”.
C. Become a seller in online Marketplace: Most of the people think that selling at online marketplace is a full time task. But this is wrong.
One of my friend making 2000Rs or more per day by selling baby girls frock at Flipkart in his spare time.
Selling at online marketplace is too easy. You only need a GST number and a product to sell. And you are ready to be a online seller.
D. Ethical hacker: It is one of hidden money making method which no one will tell you. Ethical hackers are making billions of dollars per year by providing security services to big companies.
If they are making money then why you cannot. If they are making billions then why you can’t make only thousands of rupees per month.
Here in this guide, I am telling you the secret way to make money online. see below
  • Just learn ethical hacking from YouTube or Udemy.
  • Then target small sites (a firm or a company) and hack their (Do not harm them) website.
  • And then directly call them and tell them that you have found out a bug in their site.
  • And tell them “I can fix the bug for $$$”.
E. Affiliate Marketing: It is one the most popular money making method. Bloggers are also an affiliate marketer but you can also become an affiliate marketer.
You only need to find a product which you would like to promote. Then join an affiliate marketplace (Amazon, Clickbank, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.) and promote their product and earn a handsome commission per month.
I know, you might be thinking that “how to promote a product”.
  • You can create a blog about the product review.
  • You can also write a review on Quora and leave the affiliate link at the end of the article.
Thanks. I hope that you will like my article. If not, then you no need to upvote my answer or even you do not need to comment on it
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  1. It's really amazing.but I don't get it properly.and I want to earn money from this way

    1. You can earn money by blogger,affiliate marketing and freelancing ..but you have some patience..


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